Review of the website

A review of this website by Victoria Lindsay Levine, Professor of Music at Colorado College, has been published in the 2020 Yearbook for Traditional Music, the scholarly journal of the International Council for Traditional Music published by Cambridge University Press. While the review isn’t freely available online, I can tell you that it’s a positive review overall, and I’ll give you a brief quote from it.

Professor Levine went to the trouble of trialling the system with her students, who were asked to transcribe some recordings of folk songs from New Mexico in both global notation and staff notation. She reported: 

The performance style of the songs transcribed involves many vocal ornaments, ambiguous durational values, and extra-scalar pitches. The students agreed that Global Notation holds a distinct advantage over staff notation in representing these expressive techniques. Furthermore, the composers in the class, as well as the composer with whom I team-taught, saw exciting possibilities for Global Notation in their creative work.

I’m deeply grateful to Professor Levine for her careful attention and encouragement. You can read about how Global Notation handles the musical features she mentions in the section on Specified onset timing and the pages on Pitch bending and Extra-scalar pitch.